28x20mm Moss Agate Cabochon Pair Set 48ct Dendritic Plume AD6C4A0004


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This Moss Agate Cabochon has:
Quantity: Two cabochons
Shape: Domed smooth rectangle with one curved edge (domed face & flat back, no drilling)
Size: 28x20mm
Quality: This Moss Agate Cabochon set is awesome. They are not perfectly matched, but rather well matched with pretty nice moss markings within. Although the top is not a perfect, mirror finish gloss all the way across (although they look wonderful and smooth, you can feel a bit of a wiggle across the surface, which I feel is worth mentioning) they are glossy and smooth & well cut overall. I love the character & markings within the stones, they’re so cool – it truly looks like there is moss suspended in the stone! Anyway, they’d make an incredible pair of earrings and I can’t wait to see what you make with them!!

The stones in the image are the stones you’ll receive.


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