Natural Pink Peru Opal Beads Natural Twist Tube Bead Strand Full 14" Strand Free Ship OP7T3A0001


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These genuine Pink Peruvian Opal beads have:
Quantity: about 25 beads (about 14″ long)
Shape: Twist tube shape
Size: 8mm up to 15mm
Weight: 154ct/st average
Quality: I’m going to have to call these Pink Peruvian Opal Briolettes about an A- grade. The color of these is a light smooth lovely pink – this is a slightly variegated strand, so there are some dendritic opals in there as well. The range of color is light, but quite nice. This is one of those strands that has ever so slightly nugget-y beads here and there (i.e. not those crisp ones) which lends a more natural, casual look. These do not appear to have been abused at all – they’re in good shape, are pretty consistent in size, and have a lovely light variegated pink across the strand. In addition, these strands have a great variation in length of tube – some are very small little almost round twists, and some are very long – it actually works well – you could have a couple of centerpiece stones in there as well as a lot of nice accents!

Pink Peruvian Opal. So I’ve read that Opals are the stone of hope, are the most powerful of healing stones, and best of all, amplify positive emotions. (so what I’m getting here is that Opal rocks!) Regardless, opal is a very delicate stone and should be treated gently to avoid cracking & breaking these lovely rich stones.

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