66ct Amethyst Briolettes Tear Drop 3D Teardrop Faceted Full 8" Strand Free Ship AM4V6F0001


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This strand of genuine Amethyst briolettes has:
Quantity: About 70+ briolettes (one 8″ strand)
Shape: Tear drop 3D faceted briolettes
Size: 4x6mm up to 7x11mm
Weight: 66ct
Quality: I’m going to call these Amethyst briolettes A-, mostly because they don’t have that exuberance that you look for in a super-high-quality gemstone, as well as having a more average cut. I like to see a stone with a microfacet, so that there are zillions of teeeeny facets twinkling, and these have regular, pretty sparkling faceting. They have a very nice rich amethyst color, which to me means that they are a deep saturated purple. They are relatively clean, but will certainly have some inclusions & maybe even a bit of junk in there. They are quite large for this type of briolette (which is typically more expensive because the 3-dimensional shape makes them heavier, so they tend to be cut smaller to keep the price down), and I’ve got to admit – I just love this shape of briolette. It’s my favorite! This is a really decent quality of Amethyst without being incredibly expensive.

Amethyst how I love you, let me count the ways… There is nothing quite like the sparkle of an amethyst to let you know that a gemstone is still a gemstone – no matter how frequently you encounter it, it’s got that special something.

The beads in the image are the beads you will receive.

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