81ct Yellow Kunzite Spodumene Faceted Nugget Slab Free Form 5pc Set Free Ship KZ2L8F0001


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These genuine Kunzite stones are:
Quantity: Five kunzite stones
Shape: Natural flat faceted free form nugget
Size: 10x17mm up to 16x22mm (6-8mm thick)
Weight: 81ct (average)
Quality: I’m going to call this Kunzite an A grade. Although it is very light in color, these are generally yellow (although a few have a bit of pink to them) Kunzite stones. But this is not the most amazing thing about these beads, what is amazing about them is the cut. They are beautifully cut & faceted and are generally thick & chunky stones. There is something very appealing & substantial about the cut of these guys, in addition to bits of shimmer found all over the stones (it’s subtle, but it’s there). Kunzite is a pleochroic stone which means that the color can look different depending on the angle from which you are viewing the stone. Kunzite is a newer stone, and typically seen in a translucent light pink, although these are a more rare yellow color. It is considered to be a lovely, feminine stone due to the delicate color.

The stones in the image are the stones you’ll receive.


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