AAA Faceted Carnelian Beads Vertical 3D Teardrop Briolette Drop Tube Beads 8″ Strand CN5T6F0001


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These faceted Carnelian beads have:
Quantity: About 25 beads (8″ approx)
Shape: Faceted Vertical 3D Teardrop Briolette Drop Shape
Size: 5-8mm
Quality: These are some of the best faceted Carnelian beads I’ve ever seen. It’s color is shockingly bright, it’s incredibly clear (translucent & clear that is – not transparent), and it’s cut is amazing. At first, I thought there were some problems with the tips of the stones being chipped, but they aren’t (generally, the possibility of a chipped tip remains), because drilling a briolette vertically is difficult (to drill straight out the tip without breaking the tip or coming out the side of the tip), the ones that don’t have the hole straight out of the tip can sit up against their neighbor in a way that implies chipping while not actually being chipped.

These are actually very special beads, vertical drilling can be difficult to find, and makes the very most efficient dangle. These are an incredible glowing orange color (you know how carnelian can be more red, or orange, or brown?) that are truly a Fanta Soda color. I can’t keep my hands off of these guys – because as you know some stones just have that incredible feel and you can’t stop touching them? Well these are they. I’d say they were just about perfect, but I did see a ding on one bead. Outstanding. Very nice.

The beads in the image are the very stones you will receive.

HOLY MACKEREL!! I just learned that Carnelian can be used to guard against poverty, in addition to supporting energy and providing a sense of humor. Excuse me, I’ve got to go fill my pockets, make some earrings and a couple of bracelets, necklaces…..


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