Labradorite Briolette Beads Heart Shape Faceted Loose Labradorite Gemstone Beads 8″ Strand LB8V6F0002


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This strand of Labradorite Briolette Beads has:
Quantity: About 50 briolettes (about 8″ long)
Shape: Faceted heart briolette shape
Size: 6-7mm
Quality: These Labradorite Briolette Beads are about a B grade-ish. I’m kind of torn over these guys – they’re really quite nice – I think the flash is okay, but the clarity is pretty darn nice. These are the labradorites that are translucent with tiny dark freckles suspended in them. The flash is not stellar – but it is there, and the general quality of the stone helps boost the lively sparkle of these guys. At the same time, the cut leaves me wanting a bit. I saw a broken tip on one bead (yes, I only saw the one, but there could be another) and althugh they looked okay, I suspect the drill holes might be a bit off here and there.

Then again – the price of these is right in line with the quality issues – they’re not severe – but this isn’t a million dollar strand. They are worth what they cost to tell you the truth (which is what I promise about all my stones – they really are worth what they cost – maybe a little more sometimes, never less, and usually right on).

The strand in the image is the strand you’ll receive.

Labradorite has it’s very own cult following, those who just can’t get enough of that mysterious flash of labradorescence.


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