Lace Agate Slab Slice 113ct Cabochon Free Form Matte Unpolished Slab Cabbing AGXC8A0019


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This Lace Agate Slab is:
Quantity: One cabochon slice
Shape: Smooth free form unpolished matte flat slab (no hole)
Size: 48x42x6mm
Weight: 113ct
Quality: Oh geez. I absolutely love this Lace Agate Slab. I have always loved Agates because they are those stones you can just stare into for eons and always find new & incredible details, then overwhelm yourself all over again by realizing this is something that is found in nature. It’s amazing. I am finding it really hard to part with these agates. I picked them carefully and now I just want to keep them!

The detail is beautiful, the stripes & brainy aspects are astounding, and the outside edge is natural & rough! These are lovely slabs and are not polished which means they could be used to wrap as they are, they could be drilled & used in their beautiful matte finish, or they could be cabbed. Once in a while there will be an edge that sticks up where the saw didn’t get a perfectly flat surface all the way across. I would LOVE to call these guys my own – but it is not to be. After all, what would I do with them?

The stone in the image is the stone you will receive.


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