Raw Tourmaline Nuggets Watermelon Tourmaline Rough Tourmaline Natural Nugget Beads 14" Strand TMXT8R0001


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These strands of raw Tourmaline nuggets are:
Quantity: one 14″ strand (about 89+ beads)
Shape: Natural rough nugget chunk shape
Size: about 2x5mm up to 4x10mm
Weight: 190ct
Quality: These strands of raw tourmaline nuggets are a bit different than the ones I am used to getting. Usually they are very rough (like uncut rough stones) and these appear to be slightly polished, but still natural nuggets on the surface. Also, there is usually more uniformity to the color (even if it is a uniform mix) whereas these guys are really a mix of everything you can find in tourmaline – some pink, some green, some black, a touch of almost white. They are full 14″ strands and slightly graduated in size, which is good.

If I am going to be critical of these strands (& I’m going to be critical of everything, because that’s what I do) I would prefer to see them a bit brighter in color, and more rough on the surface. I prefer to see bright little shards of stone – but these have a little polish and a mix in hue. This will work really well if you have a more organic, natural look to your work. Anyway, these strands are truly a mix of stone color and quality – I found some genuine mineral chunks on the strands, and also some very chippy bits – there are some very dark opaque colors and some vibrant colors as well – so if you are looking for a good mix, you’ve found it!

The beads in the image are the beads you will receive.

Like it or not, when you tell people it’s genuine Tourmaline (just like with aquamarine), their eyebrows will go up & they will have another look – they can’t help it.

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