Quality Carnelian Beads Faceted Carnelian Agate Genuine AA Diamond Faceted Set CN5L4F0001

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These quality Carnelian beads have:
Quantity: About 13 beads (4.5″ approx)
Shape: Fancy Faceted Diamond shape
Size: 7-10mm
Quality:  These are an unbelievable quality carnelian beads. I’ve got to call it AA grade. It’s brilliant in color, crisp in faceting, translucent, and like a burning ember. These do have a touch of wear on one or two beads and there are a few with an imperfect drill hole, but that can’t take away from the unbelievable color of the stone. You can see how nice they are from across the room!

HOLY MACKEREL!! I just learned that Carnelian can be used to guard against poverty, in addition to supporting energy and providing a sense of humor. Excuse me, I’ve got to go fill my pockets, make some earrings and a couple of bracelets, necklaces…..


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  1. BeadsNHearts

    These beads are exactly as described. Also quick shipping. Thank you.

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