Garnet Briolettes Beads Red Garnet Beads 7-8mm Faceted Garnet Gemstone Beads GR1V6F0003


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This strand of Garnet Briolettes Beads has:
Quantity: About sixty-one (61+) beads (one 8″ strand)
Shape: Faceted Pear Briolette Drop Shape
Size: 5x7mm up to 5x8mm
Weight: 108ct
Quality: I’m going to have to call these Garnet Briolettes Beads an AA grade. These garnet briolettes have an amazing color. They are like red jell-o – brilliant, rich red stones! This is by far the most outstanding feature of these guys – the color is just amazing. The cut is pretty good, but there are some stones that are slightly different in shape here & there. In addition, a couple of stones have issues that you can see in or on them, but they are generally hard to find. They look great, and when I inspect them I can see that some of them are not perfectly matched (the pear shape might be a bit wonky on a couple of them) and when you hold them up to look through them you can see some inclusions in there – but only because you can see through them, y’know? Anyway, this is some of the best color I’ve seen in a long time – bloody garnet! 😉

I love garnet. I love it’s versatility (it can put on the prettiest color). But most of all, I love how it feels. It’s slippery & shiny, and so very tactile – it’s a shame you can’t feel these, because they have that weight & slip that contributes to Garnet’s sexy appeal…

The beads in the image are the beads you will receive.

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