Faceted Iolite Beads 2mm Button Roundell Blue Hand Faceted 14″ Strand

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This strand of Faceted Iolite Beads has:
Quantity: About 220 beads (14″ long)
Shape: Faceted Button or Roundell
Size: 2mm
Quality:  We’d call these Faceted Iolite Beads strands about a grade A-.  Although it has a lovely color and very little grey, the faceting isn’t that precise, crisp cut that we like. It’s a hand-faceted strand, so that means the size of the individual beads varies (some are thin & chippy in their faceting, some are plump with lots of sparkly faceting) and they are not totally consistent.  If you’ve bought beads before – you’re familiar with this kind of quality.  You love them because of the price, but when you see the ones that cost twice as much, you’re torn. The expensive ones are so precise, but these are so nice & much more affordable.

Iolite is one of those fun stones that exhibits pleochroism – or a different color depending on the angle from which it’s viewed. This makes iolite really hard to take pictures of (because you can’t get very consistent color) yet, still a really cool idea! Iolite has often been called ‘water sapphire’ and Vikings’ Compass due to this pleochroic action.


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1 review for Faceted Iolite Beads 2mm Button Roundell Blue Hand Faceted 14″ Strand

  1. dmlbuzz

    Very Nice, exactly as described. Fast shipping.

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