Iolite Briolette Beads Iolite Gemstone Beads Water Sapphire Beads Faceted 7″ Strand IL3V6F0002


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This strand of Iolite Briolette Beads has:
Quantity: About seventy-two (72) beads (7″ long)
Shape: Faceted pear briolette drop shape
Size: 4-6mm (little guys!)
Weight: 27ct
Quality: These Iolite Briolette Beads are kind of a mixed bag – the color is great – a real denim blue color (which can be difficult to get when you are cutting a pleochroic stone) but they did a great job with that much – but the cut could be better in my opinion. These are the kind of ‘regular’ quality briolettes that you see most of the time (I usually don’t sell these beads, but they are old stock & it’s time to clear out the old).

There is nothing wrong with this quality of briolette, I just usually try to find stones that are somehow different than most of the other material available! Regardless, the cut & drill are kind of average, but the color is great – a mixed bag!

Iolite is one of those fun stones that exhibits pleochroism – or a different color depending on the angle from which it’s viewed. This makes iolite really hard to take pictures of (because you can’t get very consistent color) yet, still a really cool idea! Iolite has often been called ‘water sapphire’ and Vikings’ Compass due to this pleochroic action.

You will receive one of the strands pictured in the image.


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