Labradorite Beads AAA Faceted Loose Labradorite Gemstone Beads Rondelles 14″ Strand LB8D1F0001


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This strand of Genuine Labradorite beads has:
Quantity: about ninety (90+) beads (one 14″ strand)
Shape: Faceted button rondelle wheel shape
Size: 8mm
Weight: 160ct
Quality: These Labradorite beads are going to have to have a grade AAA, at least. Although they are not perfect, they are really nice beads. They have an excellent cut – they are those thick, closer to wheels than to discs or other chippy rondelles. You will be able to use these & actually see them in a design! At the same time, they are a bit included, I saw one with a brownish chunk in it, and another with some interior clouding. But they are generally translucent to very translucent with some of those beautiful velvety stones on the strand as well. I tried to assess the amount of flash & it was very difficult – while some of the stones scream out with brilliant blue and purple flashes, others have more of a subtle, mysterious blue glow. I would like to say that every stone will flash (because I think they will) but it was hard to tell with some of the stones – some don’t want to give it up easily, even though the flash is there. Anyway, a really nice, consistent strand that is rich & luxurious in color, cut & flash!

The beads in the image are the beads you’ll receive.

Labradorite has it’s very own cult following, those who just can’t get enough of that mysterious flash of labradorescence.


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