AAAA Quality Garnet Beads Natural Garnet 4mm Garnet Round Beads Sphere Beads 15" Strand GR1D0A0001


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This 16″ strand of quality Garnet beads has:
Quantity: About 110+ beads (one 15″ strand)
Shape: Smooth, machine cut round
Size: 4mm
Weight: 63ct
Quality: I’ve got to call these quality Garnet beads a grade AAAA at least. They are truly gemstones on a strand. They are incredibly clean & glossy – like jello on a string! The color is intensely saturated, the stone is clean & generally unincluded, and the finish is so glossy it’s like they are wet. Truly amazing beads. If you are looking for precision & uniformity in cut, rich red color, & outrageous shine – these are the stones you are looking for.

If you want economy, you will need to look somewhere else – these aren’t cheap beads. They are for people who need quality materials for their work. These beads are perfectly & uniformly cut, the color is magnificent, and the clarity is very good. It’s one of those strands where every single bead on it can be used. If you’re in the market for a quality garnet bead – you’ve just found it.

I love garnet. I love it’s versatility (it can put on the prettiest color). But most of all, I love how it feels. It’s slippery & shiny, and so very tactile – it’s a shame you can’t feel these, because they have that weight & slip that contributes to Garnet’s sexy appeal…

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